Concrete BC

Concrete BC
Concrete BC Education & Training
Concrete Pump Operator Safety Training ONLINE Course
Watch a professionally recording of the classroom session. You do not have the ability to ask questions of the instructors.
Basic Concrete Technology ONLINE Course
Concrete 101 - An introduction to the fundamental principles of concrete materials, delivery, troubleshooting and industry related information. This is a video taped course, broken into modules for easy access.
Dispatch Training ONLINE Course
This online course teaches dispatchers, schedulers and their managers how to take orders, schedule and deliver concrete that meets all the requirements as agreed to with customers. The course hones in on a dispatcher’s job skills.
Certified Concrete Delivery Professional (CDP) ONLINE
CDP Certification helps mixer drivers better understand the industry and promotes a safer environment.
Additional Events
Thursday, Oct 3rd
to Friday, Oct 4th, 2024
Vancouver, BC
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